About Best Matchmaking Services


Best Matchmaking Services is a website that ranks the best matchmaking services based on their success rate, customer satisfaction, and reviews. We adjust the rankings quarterly.

Ranking Methodology

The ranking order for the Top 10 Matchmaking Services is derived using an algorithm based on the following criteria:

  • Number of clients
  • Success rate
  • Number of years in business
  • Services offered
  • Cost

Best Matchmaking Services ranks various matchmaking services according to a number of criteria including number of clients, success rate, number of years in business, services offered, and cost. Our ranking methodology also takes into account other factors such as customer satisfaction and industry awards.

The rankings provided on this site are intended to be useful and informational. While we strive for accuracy, we can not guarantee the reliability of the rankings and therefore encourage you to do your own due diligence before relying on them.


Organizations must meet the following criteria to qualify for the Best Matchmaking Services list.



National reach, serving clients across the United States



A minimum of five years experience in matchmaking and relationship coaching



A minimum of 100 successful matches in the previous year